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Non Euro Holidays
Non Euro Holidays
Non Euro Holidays
Non Euro Holidays
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  Non Euro North Srilanka Holidays  
  Welcome to the Island which is surrounded by the most gorgeous ocean in the World.
Spend your valuable holidays in a different place and different way.
If you are looking to spend your holidays in Sri Lanka then you have chosen a right destination for your Non-Euro holidays.
  Sri Lanka is a country and a Sovereign State which is surrounded by the Ocean of India. This country is the naval link for West Asia and South East Asia. Sri Lanka lays with a colorful history more than thousand of years and this country is lays down with three continent of natural beauty. The natural beauty of Indian Ocean always attract the tourists to spend their holidays in Sri Lanka. This Country also known as an Island because it lies in the Indian Ocean and to the Southwest of Bay of Bengal. Come to Sri Lanka to enjoy your holidays - The coolest atmosphere and the stunning nature views.

Sri Lanka is known for its rich culture and full with natural resources which always mesmerized the visitors. The important cities of Sri Lanka are Colombo which is the capital of Sri Lanka, Anuradhapura Jaffna, Kandy, Negombo, Nuwara Eliya. So Get ready to visit all the enchanting places and have a memorable trip in this Country. This country provides accommodation with full of high standard hospitality services to the visitors. In Sri Lanka you can find a number of hotels at lower prices. Historical sites, impressive culture and tradition, politeful lankans and exotic landscape always have a better effect on Tourists.

Sri Lanka is also known as the country of paradise of waterfalls and mountains. It is popular for its majority of waterfalls in Badulla and Nuwaraeliya Districts. You can also find waterfalls in Rathnapura District also. The most highest waterfall in Sri Lanka is Bambarakanda waterfall. The height of this waterfall is around 241mtr. Diyaluma, Dunhinda, Ravana, Bomburu are the waterfalls which you can find in Sri Lanka during your trip. Sri Lanka is also Surrounded by big peak mountains also. You can find many popular mountains which mesmerize you through its natural beauty. Piduruthalagala is known as the highest mountain in Sri Lanka. This mountain can be located at Nuwaraeliya town which is the main town and popular district in Sri Lanka. This town is situated 2200mtr highest from the sea level. Namunukula, Samanala, Belihuloya, Dayagama, Agarapathana, Kothmale, Ududumbara, Knuckles are also mostly visited mountains in Sri Lanka.
  So Decide not much, just come to Sri Lanka to spend your Non Euro Holidays here.